For Ubuntu 16:

64 bit:

32 bit:

For Ubuntu 18:

64 bit:

32 bit:

For Ubuntu 19:

64 bit:

32 bit:

For Ubuntu 20:

64 bit:

32 bit:


Windows 版本:

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 14393.3808

Real 类环境仅供学习,flag 不是最终目的。当然你硬要拿 flag 的话就到环境变量里看看吧。

Real Category Challenge only for study, You may find the flag at the environmental variable.


All challenge instance can not access the Internet, Please use following service in the internal network!

内网 XSS 平台 / Internal XSS Receiver:

内网邮件系统 / Internal Mail System: 注册地址 / Reg URL:

内网 Git / Internal Git System:

内网 RequestBin(HTTP/DNS) / Internal RequestBin(HTTP/DNS):

内网 Domain2IP 服务 / Internal Domain2IP Service:

内网 FRPS 服务 / Internal FrpS Service:

如有反弹 shell 等需求,请使用上面的 frps 服务器,或创建一个小号,打开一个 Basic 分类 Linux Labs 靶机,靶机内网是互通的。

Create a new account and deploy a "Linux Labs" instance in the Basic category, use it in your case.